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Windsor Furniture Company has a Used Furniture Store, which is adjacent to the main store. Inside, you’ll find everything from gently used furniture to “you haul ‘em” bargains.

Browsing through the Used Furniture Store, you’ll also find items ideal for “do it yourself projects”, just like the ones you see on television. Odd shelves can be a great “mounting board”, or a unique shelf in your home. Footboards can be turned into beautiful, wall mounted headboards. There’s a table with upholstery remnants, table legs, chair seats and more. You are sure to find something you can use or make over every time you visit!

Used appliances are thoroughly checked out and most will have a 30 day warranty.

Windsor Furniture Company accepts your used furniture or appliance as a trade-in when you buy new furniture. The amount offered for your old furniture will depend upon the condition it is in. The style and even the color will also be a factor in the amount allowed. Windsor Furniture Company occasionally accepts furniture on a consignment sale basis.

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